The use of E-Learning platforms has become more and more common practice during the last decade.

This is the case of the medical sector is booming, and this shows in its increased adoption of new technology. Continual education is crucial for professionals and using these technological developments in the form of e-learning can help keep them up to date with new developments in their field much better and faster than traditional learning can.

A perfect example of the emergence of innovative technologies is the VASER Lipo System, a versatile, minimally invasive liposuction technology that enables plastic surgeons to perform a wide range of body contouring procedures,

This advanced ultrasonic lipo technology that’s creating a revolution in cosmetic surgery. It uses a minimally invasive body contouring procedure that precisely and efficiently removes unwanted body fat. An alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, HIGH DEF LIPO®  uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body.

With this new level of practice, doctors have begun a stage of the need for training that allows them to add a new vision of liposuction in their practice. It is why TOTAL DEFINER BY Alfredo Hoyos is creating an E-learning platform that is called TOTAL DEFINER ACADEMY

One of the big topics that are going to be part of this platform is TECHNOLOGY & INSTRUMENTAL IN PLASTIC SURGERY. In this module, the surgeon will learn about your options in cutting-edge technology. The use of adequate technology and tools is a very important element in the field of cosmetic surgery since its use not only facilitates the work of plastic surgeons but also favors the patient, both at the time of surgery and in the recovery. Some technologies have various applications in modern plastic surgery that deliver unlimited results as VASER technology, that has great advantages such as ease of the procedure, less bleeding during surgery and rapid recovery.

Since Vaser Lipo was first introduced in the late 90s, newer body contouring procedures have emerged being the most important the High Def Lipo technique created by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos that continue been remained a steadfast, the most used option for both female and male liposuction patients today.

This is why training is important, but with ever faster developments in research and technology, the demand for faster learning opportunities has never been greater.

There are numerous advantages to the adoption of e-learning in the medical industry. Research on e-learning shows that in many aspects, it is superior to more conventional forms of training. Here are a few statistics that clearly show the potential benefit for doctors that implement e-learning in the field

  • They can save costs
  • Information retention by learners is proven to improve by 25% to 60%.
  • The productivity after it can be expected to increase up to 50%.

Remember staying up to date with new industry developments, improving knowledge and adding skills is necessary when you are working in the field of beauty and cosmetic field. Sometimes, complete retraining is even fundamental because “best practices” have completely changed due to new research and development.

Utilizing e-learning can result in greater educational opportunities for doctors while simultaneously enhancing effectiveness and efficiency.