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High Definition Liposculpture is known as a dynamic procedure that allows the surgeon to sculpt and model the muscular anatomy in the superficial tissues in order to achieve an athletic and healthy figure in a wide range of patients. In order to achieve satisfactory results for the surgeon and the patient, it is necessary to carry out an adequate learning of the technical and anatomical bases as well as the practical experience. With this training program you will learn the basics of high definition liposuction by studying the concepts of beauty, skin, fat and muscle anatomy, as well as the use of VASER technology to provide patients with more alternatives viable with outstanding results.

The couse includes different tools, such as video/audio clips and animations, to help reinforce learning. Each session takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Total Definer Academy platform can be accessed online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can study at your own pace in the workplace, at home or on the move.

Course includes assessments for better comprehension of each lesson. It is suitable either for less experienced and for qualified clinical staff looking for improve their skills.



Concepts of Beauty

In this module, you will explore how far the concept of beauty has changed in the last generation.


Patient Dynamic

In this section, you will understand the different stages of patients from the moment that they decide to attend a consultation with you until long after surgery.


Liposculpture Devices: Technology update

In this module, you will learn about your options in cutting-edge tech. Exploring High Definition Liposculpture. Adding athletic, muscular definition with technology and technique


Patient Demographic

In this section, you will understand why patient history can be the most important tool in developing an accurate diagnostic.



This module aims to introduce you to a complete knowledge of the regional anatomy in a different way where you will have a new appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the human body.


The Practice of High Def Lipo with Vaser Technology

In this module, we want to invite you to know the VASER system as one of the main tools in the practice of the H4D LIPO technique that uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology.

About the instructor

Alfredo Hoyos Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hoyos is the inventor of High Definition Liposculpture (HDL), Dynamic Definition Lipoplasty (4D), and other advanced techniques in body contouring that have been successfully implemented all around the world. Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is the embodiment of medical passion, the epitome of dedication to human anatomy. He has the ultimate talent to construct curves, the artistic skill to sculpt streamlined muscles. His medium is human anatomy.