titulos 3 copia
titulos 3 copia

Training Day: Observational Training

Improve your skill level by attending our observation course in the High Definition Lipo procedure (1 or 2 days) Before deciding to buy any technology that doesn't even fit your goals, do yourself a favor and attend a day or two learning together with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos: the details, science, and art in practice of High Definition Liposculpture Techniques.

Full Immersion HDL

Art and science combined with technologies in mission for body perfection. Through their hands-on Full Immersion HD2 LIPO training, plastic surgeons can use their artistic skills to create similar shapes in their surgeries by taking liposculpture to the next level and giving rise to the dimensional concept where muscle groups accentuate margins and lines of light and shadows. between the muscles creating a more athletic appearance.

Full Immersion Tummy Tuck

With this course, you will learn how abdominoplasty has evolved by combining traditional abdominoplasty surgery with the benefits of Dr. Alfredo Hoyos' high definition liposculpture technique to obtain better results in patients. The following topics will be covered in this course: Mini Mommy High Def Lipectomy & Tummy Tuck (Fit Mommy Technique) Combining the two most effective liposculpture procedures with a full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck, plus natural results using autologous fat transfer as the main element.